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Chamber ovens

Microwave Chamber Oven for Research and Development
Mikrowellenkammerofen für die industrielle Forschung

Microwave Chamber Oven for Research and Development

  • Microwave power: 8 kW
  • Useful volume of the cavity: ca. 1m³
  • Temperature control by using IR-Pyrometer und fibre-optic
  • Very good uniformity of the microwave field distribution
Micowave Chamber Furnace MKO 14 x 0,85 kW/1
Mikrowellenkammerofen MKO 14 x 0,85 kW/1 mit Hubtür

Micowave Chamber Furnace MKO 14 x 0,85 kW/1

  • Useful chamber dimensions: Width = 1260 mm, Height = 1100 mm, Depth = 1500 mm
  • Microwave power: approx. 12 kW
  • Wide application field is the foundry industry: drying and degassing of cors, curing of shell cores
  • Delivery of automation systems enabling integration in automatic process lines
  • Intelligent microwave coupling systems produce the right microwave fields inside the chamber which are completely adapted to the cores and to the production process. The main results are:
  • no hotspots, lower energy consumption and plant costs as well as longer life time of the magnetrons in comparison with the conventional microwave technology
chamber oven MKO
Kammerofen MKO

The chamber oven MKO is a universal and economical microwave oven for the heat treatment of microwave absorbing materials. Many applications can be found in the foundry, ceramic, plastic and food industry. The inside dimensions of the chamber are W 850 x D 1400 x H 800 mm. Two drawers make the loading of the chamber very easy. The microwave power of 24 kW total is continiously adjustable. Due to the special microwave coupling system the microwave field distribution inside the chamber is very homogeneous. A two-hand system guarantees a safe operation of the oven. The oven is also equipped with an air ventilating system to remove steam and gases during the heating process. Special customer requirements and modifications are possible and no problem.