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Low Ripple Switch Mode Power Supply 6kW/5kW
  • Low Ripple Switch Mode Power Supply (LRSMPS) for Magnetrons 6 kW at 2.45 GHz and 5 kW at 915 MHz
  • Low Ripple Current ≤ 2% for Plasma Applications and long Magnetron life timeMicrocontroller based Monitoring and Controlling of all important Magnetron Operating Parameters like High Voltage and Current.
  • The LRSMPS ensures that the Magnetron is always operating in the ideal Operating Point (longer Magnetron lifespan)
  • No electromagnetic interference, much more fail safe against electromagnetic interference's
  • More Protective Features to guard the Magnetron and the LRSMPS itself against Failures
  • More Protective Features to guard a person when accidentally touching the High Voltage
  • Improved alarm handling, all alarms can be displayed in plain textProfinet-Interface
Microwave Generators PSxKW
Generators PSxKW with primary switched mode power supplies offer the advantage of a compact design with low weight.They allow an unpulsed release of microwaves, CW operation called.Switching power supplies are available with powers from 600 W to 6 kW.
LC-Stabilized LC-GEN Generators
The LC-stabilized LC-GEN generators have a simple and robust design. They allow to radiate the 2.45 GHz microwaves with a pulse frequency of 50/60 Hz. With an internal square wave generator it is possible to control the output power from 0 to 100%. The power of the generators reaches from 300 W to 3 kW. Power supply and magnetron head are two separated units.
Generator type LC-COM
The generator type LC-COM is a compact low price alternative to the LC-GEN type. Power supply and magnetron head are joined together in a very compact form. It is possible to switch on and off the unit with an external signal for controlling the mean power. The power of the compact generator reaches from 300 W to 1 kW.

All components of the generators, like control cards, transformers, diodes, capacitors, magnetrons etc., are also available separately.