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The Fricke und Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH was founded in 1995 by Dr.-Ing. Dirk-H. Fricke and Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Mallah.

Dr.-Ing. Dirk-H. Fricke studied electrical and high frequency engineering at the university Hanover. Then for five years he was scientific assistant at the Institut for Electroheat at the same university. He managed several microwave research projects of the AIF and BMFT.

Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Mallah studied electrical and high frequency enginneering at the university Brunswick. After this he works for three years in the german oven industry. There he developed several innovative microwave oven concepts.

The Fricke and Mallah GmbH is with 24 employees one of the leading german suppliers of microwave ovens for industry and research.

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Solid State Microwave Generator

We would like to introduce our new Solid State Microwave (SSMW) Generator.

The advantages of the SSMW generator are obvious, no more Magnetron is required and the generator can adjust the required energy automatically. It is also possible for an infinitely variable regulation to 400 W in the manual mode. In future a regulation up to 1 kW will be possible. The generator supervises independently the reflection and switches off itself when reflection is too high. The construction method has been held consciously very compact to do justice to the rising claims of our customers.

The SSMW generator has 2 different modes, in the Continuous Wave (CW) mode the microwave is generated as had and reaches therefore a good homogeneity. In the pulse mode (Trigger) many short waves one after the other are generated what leads to a still better homogeneity and a lower temperature in the generator.

We extend our company location

Within the scope of the enlargement a completely new office building with adjoining production hall is established.

The surface of the production grows about 1,250 m², the office complex encloses 1,200 m² on 3 floors.

By the enlargement of our company location we do justice to the steadily rising demands of our customers and raise in the same step our order capacities. The production hall and business premises are equipped in addition with the miost modern technology to develop our position in the market further.

The Fricke und Mallah Mircowave Technology GmbH places on a helthy growth.

We are moving in at Septemer 2016.

We are since 10-Mar-2014 
ISO-9001 certified.