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Other components

Power Detector FM-DCPL/2450
Power Detector

Power Detector FM-DCPL/2450 allow numerical and graphical display of forward and reflected RF power.

The frequency ist manual adjustable in a range of 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz.

The Power Detector FM-DCPL/2450 can be used individually to measure power on an isolator. The isolator‘s coupling factor can be used to correct the power levels.

Data sheet (PDF)

Directional Coupler FM - WR340/N(f)
directional coupler

The directional coupler FM - WR340/N(f) allow monitoring forward and reflected power in a waveguide transmission system.

Both versions (20 dB and 60 dB Coupling) are equipped with standard N(f) connectors at the sidearm. Allowing the connection of standard power meters or spectrum analyzers.

Data sheet (PDF)

Waveguide components

Waveguide components with rectangular and circular cross section. Made of aluminium, brass or stainless steel.

Tuning components

Tuning components like three stub tuners, E-H-Tuner and magic tees. Watercooled, hand or motor controlled.