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Tunnel ovens

We design and build customer-specific plants that meet the highest demands.

Microwave tunnel ovens and belt systems are used to enable drying, preheating and heating processes in continuous flow with relatively short lengths in the production direction and high production speed.

Some of the important application examples are drying of technical ceramics such as diesel particle filters, drying of tubular fibers in dialyzer production, preheating of wood fiber boards (MDF, HDF), wood gluing, vulcanization of rubber profiles for the automotive industry, pasteurization of ready meals and sterilization of packaged foods.

The geometric design of the microwave heating zone (applicator), the use of special microwave coupling systems (antennas) and the automatic calculation of the required microwave power allow very high homogeneous microwave fields to be generated. The space requirement of our microwave continuous flow systems can be minimized by using microwave generators with high output power.

Tunnel microwave heating plant for homogeneous preheating of wood materials
 Tunnel ovens wood
  • Application: Preheating of wood fibre (MDF)
  • Microwave power: 720 kW
  • Useful length: 4400 mm
  • Useful width (belt width): 2600 mm
  • Useful height (from upper edge of forming belt): 530 mm
  • Total length: approx. 11000 mm
  • Total height: approx. 7000 mm
  • Total width: approx. 7200 mm
Microwave Hybrid Tunnel Dryer for fast and homogeneous drying of technical ceramics
 Tunnel ovens ceramic
  • Application honeycomb ceramics
  • Microwave power: 32 kW
  • Hot air: 72 kW / max. 80°C
  • Usable length: 4660 mm
  • Usable width: 500 mm
  • Usable height 50 mm
  • Overall length: 8500 mm
  • Total width: 3000 mm
Modular microwave tunnel for homogeneous pasteurization of packaged meat products
 Tunnel ovens meat
  • Application: Pasteurisation of packaged meat products
  • Hygienic design
  • Complete accessibility to the conveyor belt by electrically raising the upper half of the chamber or by large sliding doors on the sides
  • Extreme field homogeneity through professional field simulation
  • PLC Siemens Simatic S7
  • Microwave power: 110 kW
  • Usable length: 9280 mm
  • Usable width: 1200 mm
  • Usable height 130 mm
  • Total length: 15000 mm
  • Total width: 3000 mm
  • Total height: 2310 mm
Modular microwave tunnel for homogeneous pasteurization of packaged mussels
 Tunnel ovens mussel
  • Application: Pasteurisation of packaged mussels
  • Hygienic design
  • Microwave power: 180 kW
  • Usable length: 6000 mm
  • Usable width: 1200 mm
  • Usable height 100 mm
  • Total length: 13000 mm
  • Total width: 3000 mm
  • Total height: 2800 mm
Applicator PUL 3xCF
dreisträngige Applikator PUL 3xCF

The applicator PUL 3xCF is used for the preheating of three carbon fibre bundles at the same time. Carbon fibre pultrusion was very difficult until yet, because the conductive fibres cause a large leakage radiation. With a special design of the in- and outlets of the applicator it was possible to decrease the radiation to a legal limit.