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Tunnel ovens

Microwave Hybrid Continuous Belt Dryer for fast and homogeneous drying of Technical Ceramics
Mikrowellen-Hybrid-Durchlauftrockner zur schnellen und homogenen Trocknung von technischer Keramik

Microwave Hybrid Continuous Belt Dryer for fast and homogeneous drying of Technical Ceramics for example Hony Comb Ceramics

  • Microwave Power: 36 kW
  • Hot air: 72 kW / max. 80°C
Microwave Wood Glue Continuous Press

Microwave Wood Glue Continuous Press
Plant dimensions: 8100 mm x 8125 mm
Microwave Power: 498 kW

Microwave Hybrid Continuous Belt dryer for fast and crackless drying of honey comb ceramics, technical or foamy ceramic
Mikrowellen-Hybrid-Durchlauftrockner zur schnellen und rissfreien Trocknung von Wabenkeramik, technischer Keramik oder Schaumkeramik

Microwave Hybrid Continuous Belt dryer for fast and crackless drying of honey comb ceramics, technical or foamy ceramicMicrowave Power: 64 kW
Hot air: 35 kW / max. 80 ºC

microwave conveyor furnace MWD 28x1 kW
Mikrowellendurchlaufanlage MWD 28x1kW

The continous microwave conveyor furnaceMWD 28x1kW has a usable opening area of W 800 x H 300 mm. The furnace is subdivided into 6 single modules. Depending on the used magnetron type each module has a microwave power of 28 or 56 kW. The whole length including the absorbing zones at the in- and outlet is approx. 10 m. The microwave generators are located above and below the conveyor belt. The special design of the microwave antennas guarantees a very homogeneous field distribution in the tunnel. Doors on the sidewalls of the furnace give full access to the conveyor belt. Microwave power and belt velocity are continiously controlable.

Combined Microwave / Air Continuous Belt Drier

Combined Microwave / Air Continuous Belt Drier:

  • Overall Dimensions: length = 5000 mm, height = 1750 mm, width = 1000 mm
  • Tunnel Opening: width = 350 mm, height = 170 mm
  • Microwave Output Power: 12.8 kW stepless adjustable
  • Hot Air System: 9 kW stepless adjustable in temperature and speed
  • Belt Speed: 0-2.5 m/min stepless adjustable. Reversible operation mode is enabled.
  • Power Input: max. 20 kVA, 380 - 420 VAC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
  • Programmable Process Controller is used to obtain the highest flexibility, stability and accuracy by the control of the process parameters: microwave power, speed of air turbines, temperature of the hot air forced in the tunnel and speed of conveyor belt
  • Corresponding software toolkit is used allowing additionally the configuration, setpoints programming and visualising via PC
microwave conveyor furnace MWDA 6x1,1 kW
Mikrowellendurchlaufanlage MWDA 6x1,1kW

The universal microwave conveyor furnace MWDA 6x1,1kWMWDA find many applications in the manufacturing of chemical, pharmaceutical and laboratory products.

Universal Microwave Continuous Belt furnace
Universeller Mikrowellen-Durchlaufofen

Universal Microwave Continuous Belt furnace
Microwave Power: 6 kW

Microwave Powder Dryer

Microwave Powder Dryer

  • Microwave Power: 3 kW
  • Possible application: Quartz-Flour-Drying from 0.2% initial humidity to 0.06% end humidity at throughput of 100 kg/h
Microwave Adsorbent Regeneration Systems M.A.R.S.

Microwave Adsorbent Regeneration Systems M.A.R.S.
Economy and Performance in Materials Processing

  • Length (L) = ~ 4,5 m
  • Width (W) = ~ 0,9 m
  • Height (H) = ~ 1,5 m

Benefits of using M.A.R.S.

  • direct microwave heating and fast on/off ability results in energy savings
  • control of material transport within the kiln coupled with accurate and rapid temperature control allows for optimum heating uniformity and high efficiency
  • compact, automated and easy-to-operate systems requiring low labor
  • low gas consumption for controlled atmosphere applications
  • emission control/vapour recovery systems easily adapted to M.A.R.S.
  • competitive capital and installation costs

Typical applications

  • carbon reactivation
  • mineral ore treatments
  • ceramic powder and glass frit processing
  • food product drying, heating and roasting
  • material cleaning and recovery
microwave flow heater MDE 6x1 kW
Mikrowellen-Durchlauferhitzer MDE 6x1kW

The microwave flow heater MDE 6x1 kW is designed for heating chemical and pharmaceutical liquids. The flow through plastic tube withstands aggressive media and makes possible fast and precise temperature control. E.g. this is important during galvanic processes. Tube diameters up to 40 mm can be realized. The flow heater has a total power of 6 or 12 kW. If more power is needed, the flow heaters can be cascaded.

microwave flow heater MDE 1,2 kW
Mikrowellen-Durchlauferhitzer MDE 1,2kW

The microwave flow heater MDE 1,2 kW is used for the preheating of glass fibres in pultrusion. With different applicators profile diameters up to 50 mm can be treated. A three stub tuner guarantees good matching to different loads. The microwave power can be adjusted without any inertia, so temperature control even at high speeds is no problem.

applicator PUL 3xCF
dreisträngige Applikator PUL 3xCF

The applicator PUL 3xCF is used for the preheating of three carbon fibre bundles at the same time. Carbon fibre pultrusion was very difficult until yet, because the conductive fibres cause a large leakage radiation. With a special design of the in- and outlets of the applicator it was possible to decrease the radiation to a legal limit.